Frequently Asked Questions


  • What makes Paidea unique?
    • Balance of IQ and EQ
    • Teacher Longevity and Team Teaching
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Generous Vacation Time
    • Director’s Role
    • Parent Education
    • Mixed Aged Groupings
    • Outdoor Nature Area
    • Large Classrooms
    • Emotion Coaching in Discipline
  • What are some special activities for Parents?
    • Kids Night Out
      One Friday a month, Paidea provides child care, hosted by the teachers, where children can play with their Paidea friends. 
    • Parent Night
      Once a month, parent education classes are offered free of charge.  First, a pot-luck dinner with families and staff, then parents attend class with Lynn, while the children play together under teacher supervision.
    • Spring Gala and Auction
      This is an evening out for parents.  It includes a silent auction to raise funds, and a fun activity (e.g., dancing, casino night, comedian, etc. )
    • Parent Play Dates
      Three or four times per year, parents get together for adult-only events (Let’s Dish, thrift shopping, meet for dinner out or a concert.)
  • What are some special activities for Families?
    • End of the Year Picnic
      Paidea hosts a year-end celebration picnic where we recognize staff for the past year, and kick off summer.
    • Spring Clean Up Day
      This is a fun day for families to do a "Community Service" and help Paidea too by cleaning up the Paidea grounds.
    • Family Play Date
      Once a month, families (parents and children) partricipate with a Paidea Staff member in an activity such as camp fire, apple orchard, making gingerbread houses, bike ride, ice skating, etc. 
  • What are your most important priorities for children?

    Our biggest priorities are that children feel comfortable and connected. receive sensitive, responsive caregiving, are ready for school (both IQ and EQ), and are enthusiastic learners.

In the Classroom

  • How is discipline handled at Paidea?
    • We understand the child’s perspective and listen first.

    • We try to look at each child and understand the "fuel" or reason behind misbehavior.  We do not deal only with the "fire" or misbehavior itself.  This way, we can effectively address and change behaviors and help children learn the skills they need to appropriately get their needs met. For example: a child wrecks someone else’s work (fire). In reality, the child really wants to join in the play, but doesn’t know how (fuel).  Our response is to help the child learn how to join in playing with others, not just punish them for wrecking work. They can learn to say, “Can I play too?”
    • We have 3-basic rules at Paidea - "Stop" to anything 1.) unsafe, 2.) hurtful, 3.)disrespectful.  If a child does one of these, they need to “re-do” the behavior appropriately.  For example:
      • If they run down the hall, they need to “re-do” and walk down the hall.
      • If they won’t clean up, they need to “re-do” and clean up.
      • If they interrupt a story, they need to “re-do” by raising their hand.

    Children decide when they are ready to “re-do”, but they don’t go on until they have re-done. They can go to their space to calm and they come out when they are ready to “re-do”. This teaches them what to do, NOT what not to do.

  • How are parents communicated with?
    • Parents are welcome to visit anytime.
    • Parents receive:
      • Daily sheets
      • E-mails
      • Phone calls
      • Private web page
      • Journals
      • Conferences
      • Newsletters
      • Friday reminders
  • What is your teacher/child ratio?



    Teacher/child Ratio

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  • I found that other Preschools require my child to be potty trained. Is this the same at Paidea?

    No.  Children do not have to be potty trained to attend Paidea's preschool program.  However, parents are required to provide diapers and wipes for their child.

  • Does Paidea supply lunch and snacks?

    Paidea provides morning and afternoon snacks as well as beverages during snack and lunch; breakfasts and lunches come from home. There is a refrigerator and microwave in each room. Breakfast items may be purchased in quantity and left at Paidea; lunch is brought in daily.




Lynn's guidance and partnership have literally changed the way I parent - for the better!  Her focus on temperament and understanding what each child really needs to work through a situation has changed the atmosphere in our house during conflicts 180 degrees.  

Denise M.


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