Toddler Program

Paidea's Toddler Program

Age: 16 months - 3 years

Our programs are based on the needs of the children.

Everything we do is the result of a conscious decision based on what is best for the child.

Our Program


Has a low child/teacher ratio

Has a small group size (6 children with 1 teacher, 1-6 ratio, group size of 6)

  • Individual attention and a calm environment are critical to a low level of stress for toddlers
  • A small group size and a low teacher/child ratio are necessary to accomplish this goal

Has mixed age groupings

  • Children can learn from each other
  • Children who remain with one teacher longer form close attachments
  • Children play different roles within a group (baby, helper), different than their role within their family (youngest, oldest)
Focuses on encouraging children to explore their environment (open, shut, build, touch, move, climb, etc.)
  • Exploration of their environment is what toddlers naturally want to do
  • Exploration promotes cognitive and physical growth

Teaches about ownership ("mine") and turn-taking ("I want it when you are done")

  • Ownership and turn taking are learned skills
  • These skills provide the foundation for cooperative play

Offers choices to children as a learning and discipline strategy

  • Helps children learn to be problem-solvers and decision-makers
  • Avoids power struggles

Teaches toddlers to  identify and label feelings

  • This is one of the emotional intelligence skills


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